"Fungi of Oshawa Second Marsh" Blog
     Blog Posts   Last update: March 17th, 2012 July 25th, 2015 I no longer maintain this blog. This page is a listing of posts of fungi that I have come across in the marsh during the period April 2011 to April 2012. The posts are in a blog. The images in the blog are only repesentative of the fungi in the marsh. Fungi are are an interesting category of plant life. One thing is that so many of them do not have common names, only scientific ones. That makes it very difficult for most of to remember their names. I certainly include myself in that group. I have a two other blogs that relate to the marsh. One is called "Out & About" Photo Blog and it includes outings to nature areas but also outings to the ROM, my trips, etc. The link to that blog is >>> rgbell.blogspot.com It contains all the images that are in this blog, but they are scattered throughout it, rather than in one place as they are in this blog. The second blog is "Wildflowers of Second Marsh". It too, is simply images from the "Out & About" blog in one place, rather than spread throughout the "Out & About" blog. The link to that blog is Wildflowers of 2nd Marsh. This blog is strictly of the fungi that I have photographed in the marsh. It is for my own use and for anyone else that might be interested. Google (hosts my blogs) has updated the software for blogs so this one uses the newer format. If you are familiar with my other blog, you'll notice that the main difference is that when you click on an image to enlarge it, you will also see thumbnails at the bottom of the page of the other images in the post. You can look at the images by clicking on the thumbnails, instead of going back to the main page, but you will not see any of the text. I would like to thank Gerry Ernest, John Foster and Doug Lockrey for their help in identifying fungi on this blog. Without their considerable knowledge of botany I would not have been able to identify many of the species that I posted on any of the three blogs. Any errors in the names of the species in my blogs are strictly mine. If you do see any errors, please let me know. Click the following link to email me >>> bob@rgbell.ca The following table lists links to posts from my Fungi Blog. Because so few of the fungi are identified, I have chosen to post the images by the month in which they were photographed. If anyone can identify any that are not identified, please let me know. Click the following link to email me >>> bob@rgbell.ca I will also see what I am able to discover myself in the references I have and through the Web. I hope that some of you will find this page of some interest.
  Month Number of Images
1 May 2011 7
2 June 2011 1
3 August 2011 9
4 September 2011 7
5 October 2011 26
6 November 2011 3
7 January 2012 2
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