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     Blog Posts   Last update: July 6th, 2013 July 25th, 2015 I no longer maintain this blog. This page is a listing of posts of wildflowers that I have come across in the marsh. The posts are in a blog. I chose to organize them by species... one post for each species. The images in the blog are only repesentative of the wildflowers in the marsh. When I photographed wildflowers in the marsh, it was mainly those that caught my eye. I had no idea at the time of setting up a blog such as this. I have a two other blogs that relate to the marsh. One is called "Out & About" Photo Blog and it includes outings to nature areas but also outings to the ROM, my trips, etc. The link to that blog is >>> rgbell.blogspot.com It contains all the images that are in this blog, but they are scattered throughout it, rather than in one place as they are in this blog. The second blog is "Fungi of Second Marsh". It too, is simply images from the "Out & About" blog in one place, rather than spread throughout the "Out & About" blog. The link to that blog is Fungi of 2nd Marsh. This blog is stictly of the wildflowers that I have photographed in the marsh. It is for my own use and for anyone else that might be interested. Google (hosts my blogs) has updated the software for blogs so this one uses the newer format. If you are familiar with my other blog, you'll notice that the main difference is that when you click on an image to enlarge it, you will also see thumbnails at the bottom of the page of the other images in the post. You can look at the images by clicking on the thumbnails, instead of going back to the main page, but you will not see any of the text. I would like to thank Gerry Ernest, John Foster and Doug Lockrey for their help in identifying wildflowers on this blog. Without their considerable knowledge of botany I would not have been able to identify many of the species that I posted on either of the two blogs. Any errors in the names of the species in my blogs are strictly mine. If you do see any errors, please let me know. Click the following link to email me >>> bob@rgbell.ca The following table lists links to posts from my Wildflower Blog. I hope that some of you will find this page of some interest. Bob Bell
Each wildflower name is a link to images of the flower.
  Wildflower Color of Blossom
1 Arrowhead Waterplant  
2 Birdsfoot Trefoil Yellow
3 Blue Flag Iris Purple
4 Blue Vervain Bluish-purple
5 Bull Thistle Pink
6 Burdock (Wild Rhubarb) Pink
7 Calico Aster White
8 Canada Anemone White
9 Chicory Blue
10 Common Fleabane Pinkish
11 Cow Parsnip White
12 Cow Vetch Purple
13 Daisy White
14 Dame's Rocket Purple or White
15 Dandelion Yellow
16 Dwarf Yellow Ladyslipper Yellow
17 False Solomon's Seal White
18 Foamflower White
19 Fringed Loosestrife Yellow
20 Goldenrod Yellow
21 Hedge Bindweed Pink & White
22 Himalayan Balsam Pink & White & Red
23 Jack-in-the-Pulpit Purple
24 Jerusalem Artichoke Yellow
25 Jewelweed Orange or Yellow
26 Joe-Pye Weed Pink
27 Marsh Blue Violet Purple
28 Mayapple White
29 Milkweed Pink
30 Mullein Yellow
31 New England Aster Purple
32 Purple Loosestrife Purple
33 Purple Flowering Raspberry Pink
34 Queen Anne's Lace White
35 Red-seeded Dandelion Yellow
36 Rough Hedge Nettle Purple
37 Tall Meadow Rue White
38 Toothwort White
39 Trillium White
40 Water Hemlock White
41 Water Lily White
42 White Snakeroot White
43 White Turtlehead White
44 Wild Cucumber White
45 Wild Geranium Pink
46 Wild Parsnip Yellow
47 Wild Strawberry White
48 Wood Nettle Yellow
49 Wood Violet Purple
50 Yellow Flag Iris Yellow

PLEASE NOTE: The following table is intended for my own use, mainly because it is incomplete. It shows the first month that I photographed a given species, and in some cases, which of the following months the species was still present in the marsh. When I say "present", I really mean in bloom, or maybe in the fruiting stage. This table only reflects what I saw. Another point is that the month in which plants bloom varies somewhat year to year.
April May June July August September October
Trout Lily (leaves only)            
  Wild Geranium          
  Wood Violet          
  Marsh Blue Violet          
  False Solomon's Seal          
  Wild Strawberry          
  Garlic Mustard          
  Dwarf Yellow Ladyslipper          
  Multiflora Rose          
  Yellow Flag Iris Yellow Flag Iris        
  Dame's Rocket Dame's Rocket Dame's Rocket      
  Mayapple Mayapple Mayapple Mayapple    
April May June July August September October
    Canada Anemone Canada Anemone      
    Purple-flowering Raspberry Purple-flowering Raspberry Purple-flowering Raspberry    
    Hedge Bindweed Hedge Bindweed Hedge Bindweed    
    Wild Parsnip Wild Parsnip      
    Fringed Loosestrife Fringed Loosestrife      
    Red Baneberry berries Red Baneberry berries      
    Birdsfoot Trefoil Birdsfoot Trefoil      
    Blue Flag Iris        
    Cow Parsnip        
    Creeping Thistle        
    Oxeye Daisy        
    Arrowhead Waterplant        
    White & Red Clover        
    Bitter Nightshade        
    Common Fleabane        
    Cow Vetch        
April May June July August September October
    Water Lily Water Lily      
    Jewelweed Jewelweed Jewelweed    
    Chicory Chicory Chicory Chicory Chicory
      Rough Hedge Nettle      
      Blue Vervain      
      Wild Burdock      
      Tall Meadow Rue      
      Queen Anne's Lace Queen Anne's Lace    
      Water Hemlock Water Hemlock    
      Purple Loosestrife Purple Loosestrife    
      Joe-Pye Weed Joe-Pye Weed    
      Bull Thistle Bull Thistle    
      Himalayan Balsam Himalayan Balsam Himalayan Balsam Himalayan Balsam
      Red-seeded Dandelion Red-seeded Dandelion Red-seeded Dandelion Red-seeded Dandelion
April May June July August September October
        White Baneberry    
        Wood Nettle    
        Red Baneberry    
        Wild Cucumber Wild Cucumber Wild Cucumber
        Goldenrod Goldenrod Goldenrod
          New England Aster New England Aster
          Jerusalem Artichoke Jerusalem Artichoke
          Calico Aster  
          White Snakeroot  
          White Turtlehead  
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